The Average Nerd

Are you the type of person who finds bliss reading books and newspapers all day? Tries to come up with the latest technological inventions and science discoveries, at least in theory? Do you dream to stand side by side with the likes of Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates? Do you still experience that occasional tease and mockery for being a member of the geek nation? Don’t worry, for your ultimate revenge is finally here.

Here are the top five careers where the nerds and geeks totally rule:

1. Networks Systems Specialists

Internet freaks are mostly the ones hired in this job. They specialize in designing, updating, and developing more efficient network systems to be used by the rest of humanity. In other words, they are in control of the Web.

2. Computer Engineers, Hardware and Software

Who else can you turn to in terms of computer technology?

3. Economic and Political Analysts

These people serve as think tanks not only of the government but also of the biggest Hire a nerd business corporations. They can work as political seers, or as strategists that create the latest trends in economic activity.

4. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

If you have the golden hand for inventing gadgets, mobile phones, and other tech-related ideas, then this job’s definitely for you.

5. Media writers, producers

Surprising, but a lot of geeks end up in media positions, mostly behind the camera. They can either be found as writers for the newspapers or as producers and scriptwriters for different shows on film and TV.

This “clinging” creates a social disconnect with other people. Most people unconsciously know how to vibe with other people. When a “normal” person meets with a nerd, and the nerd cannot vibe with them, but rather creates a mechanical life raft out of whatever nerdy obsession they have, then it creates dissonance in the social vibe, and this in turn is a turn off to most people…

Anytime someone says, “Ugh! You’re such a NERD!” It’s probably because you were clinging to your nerd-speak rather than just vibing with the other person, and subconsciously other people could feel your grasping, and it made them feel uncomfortable.

Nerds are not very good at staying in the present moment around other people, and it creates a disconnect. This is why by-the-way, it’s so important to know how to “be present” with other people. It is basis upon which healthy emotional bonding occurs… As opposed to egotistic validation… or being a nerd…

5. Nerds are too busy looking for acceptance from other people to embrace their own nerdiness. This is the nerd “kiss of death”… If you’re going to be socially out of step, at least own it 100%, and be proud of who you are. Most people – no matter how cool they pretend to be – are just as insecure and unsure of themselves as the dorkiest nerd.

In this regard, nerds are not too unlike ultra cool people, because they are brave enough to stand out of the crowd… except that ultra cool people OWN their uniqueness, and they wear it comfortably and proudly. This MAKES them cool.

In fact what is perceived as “Dorky” in a nerd, is “eccentric”, “quirky”, or “funny” in a cool dude. Look at the way Andre 3000 dresses… One would say that he looks very nerdy… but nobody thinks of him as a nerd, because he OWNS his style.


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