Poster Frames

Framing is easier than it seems. While a practice used for centuries, it has been adapted and modernized to the times we live and is now not limited to the so-called “fine arts” and can -and should- be used for anything you would like to have in your walls. Posters, photos, art prints, childhood memories, among others, are all examples of things you can frame and show off. While you could buy a pre-made, standard frame, I recommend going to a custom frame shop where the selection is bigger and there will be a professional willing to help and guide you.

Poster framing is very common these days. Pop culture is all about being in-your-face about your likes and dislikes and movie and music posters are the easiest, fastest way to show it. Ask your custom framer for their poster frames (generally a simple black metal or black wood frame is available) and start from there. Black poster frames work with all kind of posters since they tend to be colorful and busy enough as they come. They also tend to be a cheaper option and you can still have a professional make your frame for you and return your poster ready to be hanged.

Poster frames can be enhanced with the use of a mat, thus highlighting the poster and elevating it into artwork. Use neutral colored mats to give the viewer a resting space for the eyes or go all out there and highlight your favorite aspect of the poster by having your mat match the color you Poster frames most like (i.e. you have a “Thor” poster and add a gold and green double mat to show your preference for Loki in a subtle but clear way). You can also re-purpose a poster frame; use it for photographs or your child’s drawings, even art prints. Thus giving you the chance to display all you want without breaking the piggy bank but still elegant and professionally done.

Here are other ideas on how to re-purpose a black metal or wood poster frame:

– Have your child’s hand and/or feet prints done in color and add a mat to match that color (think baby blue feet prints on a white paper and a baby blue 1.5inch mat around it). Make your child’s hands and feet into the artwork you spent so long creating.

– Buy art prints at a museum and use an off-white mat and a poster frame with it. Traditionally, off-white mats are used in watercolors and pastels so you can make a nod to tradition while still using modern frames in your home.

– Do the same for photographs. Think an entire wall of small black and white photos all framed with a small off-white mat and a think black poster frame around it. The frames won’t overwhelm your photos and thus let your life be the centerpiece of the wall, again, without overspending.

As you can see, there are multiple options on how to take a simple idea in your head and making it reality when you go to a professional custom framing shop where there will be someone there to help and guide you on your framing experience. Take advantage of the chance of talking to someone and ask questions about conservation issues, if there are any (like sunlight, fading, etc) that you wouldn’t be able to find out from a department store pre-made frame and make your walls shine with everything you like.


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